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About Me

/Who Am I

The one who likes to do things right. Sit down together, define a goal, setup a plan, get the resources we need & go. I’m an action man, but first i like to design plans, i like to think about the psychology impact our plan will have on the people we’ll reach. I’m a happy person who like to enjoy doing what i’m doing. A nice and “get things done” boss. After all, when you’re 100% dedicated and committed to the company you’re working for, you, eventually, become the best on what you’re doing.


I’m the one who will help you to be where you want to be.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

- Steve Jobs -


/What I do

In the last 7 years, i’ve focused in three areas mainly. Created training-products (CD’s, Books, Seminars, courses and workshops), designing Marketing Campaigns (online and offline funnels) so the people would get to know these products and targeted people were redirected to some platform to write down their contact data. And finally, I designed some great sales letters so you can follow them on the phone with your contact and he/she will finishes buying the product.


This area covers a very high level training quality. Writing a book, an audio-book or designing a presential seminar (any type of course) is something that i do with a lot of psychology, a lot of love and caring so the people will always remember their training or what they bought and more important, they will always use what they learnt.


Remember “the Minions film” trailer which it’s first release was in the summer? Three months before you already wanted to watch it, right? Remember the apple-watch campaign? Marketing campaigns which finishes driving you to somewhere with an specific goal. And this is what i’ve been doing for not just all my personal products but for my entrepreneurial clients. Strategies that converts. I own a big portfolio of strategies that will end up in the next step… Sales!


Have you ever received a call from your bank trying to sell you some kind of a brand new product or something and then you said: “No, thanks”? Well, most of the times i think to my self: “How is it possible to do it so bad”. I design sales presentations (calls, face-to-face…) and make them work, not the thing we’re used to see. A sales phone call with a great psycho script to follow which is related to the marketing campaign. A nice chain.


7years of experience
81projects completed
300satisfied clients
5095hours of work


/My entire career

Feb 16

Marketing & Sales Coach

Feb. 2016 - Estudio Solar Renovables S.L. 100 people.

Analisys of the needs in company. Coaching and consulting to the owner. Construction of a new sales training and headhunter department. Start one to one coaching to the sales people of the company. Making new trainings based on the needs of the sales department. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) to acquire new skills, security, confidence and develop emotional contact with clients.

Marketing Plan & Sales Reception Execute

May 2013 - 10 people

  1. Developing products: CD's, Online-Courses, World wide workshops and Books.
  2. Mass Control Marketing Campaign for Launching New Products. Executed by putting together Join Ventures, FaceBook Adds, Google Adds, Blogs, Forums and youtube videos at the same time.
  3. Set up phone sales speech after launching marketing campaigns.

May 13
Aug 11

Sales Trainer Director

August 2011 - Avantera Ediciones S.L.

Guide the team to coach people in the company and give courses. Training face to face sales people.

Entrepreneur Coach

Jaunary 2009 - Training Talents S.L. 3 people.

  1. Develop a Hight Impact 3 days training for entrepreneurs.
  2. Marketing and Sales systems implementation.
  3. Executing seminars.

Jan 9
May 8

Spanish Recordman Freediving

May 2008 - Goals Setup System learnt

First spanish person holding his breath for longer than 7 minutes and a half.

Software engineer

May 2001 - Banco Santander, AXA, IECI S.A.

Developing software for different companies. Webpage functionalities and designing.

May 1


100%Sales Coaching
100%Group Trainings
90%Marketing Coaching
75%Executive Coaching

Pricing Table


1h. Coaching

3001h. Coaching

  • 1-3 horas Duración
  • Skype Modo
  • Mantenimiento
  • Material apoyo
  • Contratar Ahora

Conferencia Motivación

1.500Conferencia Motivación

  • 1-5 horas Duración
  • Presencial Modo
  • No Mantenimiento
  • Material apoyo
  • Contratar Ahora

1 Mes Consultoría

21.0001 Mes Consultoría

  • 160-200 horas Duración
  • Presencial Modo
  • Mantenimiento
  • Material apoyo
  • Contratar Ahora


Javi trabaja sobre mi persona y mi equipo ayudándonos a tomar las riendas de nuestro trabajo, nuestra empresa y nuestra vida, sencillo de decir, complicado de hacer.
Javier es un gran profesional que supo cambiar uno de los momentos más difíciles de mi vida en uno de los más productivos. Es un mago que en vez de transformar el agua en vino, transforma los problemas en soluciones.
Asistir a un evento suyo se convirtió para mi en un cambio radical. Uno de los mejores motivadores que he conocido, a la altura del mismo A. Robbins.


/Work done so far

A continuación puedes verme trabajando. Aquí verás mi tono de voz, mi energía, los ejercicios que pongo… También te invito a que veas cómo cambia la energía al ser grupos grandes, medianos, pequeños y hasta personas individuales.


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